David D Plain Digital

A Water Story

360 Documentary

A Water Story (working title) brings together members of the Public Visualization Lab team with Anishinaabe historian and author David D Plain as he explains the oral history of the waterways of Southwestern Ontario.

Captured in 360 degrees and by drone near the international Blue Water Bridge, in Chemical Valley near Sarnia, and in a canoe on the Old Ausable channel, this experimental documentary allows viewers to listen in on stories of how Indigenous peoples’ use of the waterways changed with the cycle of the seasons. The film examines the impacts of colonization on the landscape, and on the people who depended on it for their existence.

Filming for this project occurred in July 2018. The film is currently in post-production, and once completed and re-named it will be available for viewing online, as well as through VR headsets and Google Cardboard.

Status: Post-production; Funding: Public Visualization Lab