Trailer: Hay Fever

The backstory

While the other Stratford Festival trailers I edited during 2014 were composed of rehearsal footage, the trailers for Hay Fever and Mother Courage were created from scratch later in the season. Both trailers began with brainstorming a concept, and then were shot and edited by the Digital Media team.

The concept for the Hay Fever trailer had us filming the actors on set after an evening performance. With only half an hour to shoot, three of us filmed with DSLR cameras, using different lenses and surrounding each actor from different angles. The goal was to capture the personalities of the characters, while simultaneously showcasing the historically accurate 1920’s wardrobe and sets. The actors – including Stratford legends Cynthia Dale and Lucy Peacock – could not have been more accommodating.

I was tasked with editing the Hay Fever footage into a 30-second trailer that encompassed the great reviews that the play was receiving. With only several days to review the footage and create a final product, it became a race against time. Yet in the end, I felt the trailer turned out exactly as intended – bright, funny and full of energy. The entire experience became one of the highlights of my season with the Festival.

Project: Trailer: Hay Fever
Client: Stratford Festival

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