Trailer: Alice Through The Looking-Glass

The backstory

One of the highlights of working as the Digital Media Assistant at the Stratford Festival for the 2014 season was editing a series of trailers for Alice Through the Looking-Glass.

Not only did I have the opportunity to sit in on a dress rehearsal of the play, but I also got to take in Alice a second time while Suede Productions filmed the entire show in high definition. From there, I assembled the footage into a trailer that I hoped a 9-year old child might fall in love with.

It was a very tight turnaround, with only three or four days buffer between receiving the hard drives from Suede and having the original 30-second trailer go live on YouTube. However, it was a great learning experience and a thoroughly enjoyable project to hone my editing skills on.

Project: Trailer: Alice Through the Looking-Glass
Client: Stratford Festival

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