Promo Video: The Shakespeare School

The backstory

When I was first approached to film a promotional video for the Shakespeare School, I wasn’t anticipating how much fun the project would become. I was primarily focused on determining who the target audience would be for the video (future students and their parents), and wasn’t expecting the excitement that would accompany the 2014 participants as they arrived at the Stratford Festival.

I soon realized why members of the Festival’s Education Department were so excited about the project – the students were like a breath of fresh air. They were absolutely ecstatic to be participating in the Shakespeare School program, and also couldn’t wait to perform for the camera.

Over the course of July and August, I had the chance to film rehearsals and sit in on a number of workshops with special guests, ranging from Jonathan Goad’s combat class to Devon “The Sonnet Man” Glover’s poetry.

The promotional video was edited during the fall of 2014, once I’d already started classes for OCAD University’s Masters in Digital Futures program. It was my last project for the Stratford Festival before I jumped head on into the world of digital technology at OCAD.

Project: Promo Video: The Shakespeare School
Client: Stratford Festival


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