Livestream: Steven Page Performs “Brian Wilson”

The backstory

There are few voices in music as unique as that of Steven Page. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to hear him perform live during The Shakespeare Slam, which was a concert event organized by the Stratford Festival to celebrate William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.

The Festival’s Digital Media team was there at Koerner Hall in Toronto to livestream the event, and I was asked to operate camera. This performance featured a three camera set-up; one camera was locked off, with two of us filming from either side of the stage and a third person switching up in the booth. My camera was located to the right of the stage, and I focused on capturing beautiful close-ups of Steven as he performed for a packed house.

The concert was part of a series of Forum events that ran throughout the 2014 season. I had the chance to operate camera at six different livestreamed events, including Fatherhood with Colm Feore, And Her Children with Romeo Dallaire, and The Sonnet Man with Devon Glover.

Project: Livestream: The Shakespeare Slam
Client: Stratford Festival

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