Promo Video: Charity Hockey Game

The backstory

The Stratford Festival holds the annual Lindsay Thomas Memorial Hockey Game to celebrate the life of Lindsay Thomas, an actress who passed away in 2010 after a brave battle with lung cancer. The hockey game attracts a number of actors from the company who hit the ice to continue an on-going rivalry against the production team. Combined with a live band and an auction, the light hearted event raises thousands each year for cancer research.

Like every other participant, I volunteered my time to document the 2014 edition of the event. Filming on a DSLR camera, I interviewed as many participants as possible, ranging from Executive Director Anita Gaffney and Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino to NHL alumnus Greg de Vries. I then edited the footage into a short video that I hope both captures the tone of the event as well as celebrates Lindsay’s life and honours her impact.

Project: Promo Video: Lindsay Thomas Memorial Hockey Game
Client: Independent

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