Behind-the-Scenes: Hay Fever

The backstory

One of my favourite things about working at the Stratford Festival as a Digital Media Assistant was watching the sets being created by the carpenters and painters. It’s amazing how skilled the carpenters are, and I always get the urge to jump in and help the artists while they work their magic (though I’m sure the feeling isn’t mutual!) The work being done behind the scenes of the Stratford Festival is definitely world class.

Not only did I get a chance to see the Hay Fever set being constructed and painted, but I also filmed it as it was assembled on stage at the Avon Theatre. It was really something to see all of the individual pieces come together and connect with each other so perfectly.

Take a trip behind the scenes of Hay Fever in the video above.

Project: Behind-the-Scenes: Hay Fever
Client: Stratford Festival

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