Behind-The-Scenes: Crazy For You

The backstory

One of my first tasks as Digital Media Assistant at the Stratford Festival was editing a series of behind-the-scenes videos to promote the plays opening in the 2014 season. The plays were still in rehearsal, so we had to rely on footage that would showcase the sets, props and wardrobe as they were being created by the artisans.

Until that point, I had not thought of myself as an editor – I’d always focused on development and production of documentaries, and had never had a chance to hone my skills in post-production. However, the Digital Media Assistant position gave me a chance to improve my editing skills in a major way. I can clearly see my progress from these early promotional videos to my final video for the Shakespeare School.

Either way, my work on the Crazy For You video brings back some amazing memories; the highlight of my time at the Festival was late in the season, when I had the opportunity to shadow the Stage Manager for a performance. I’ve included a few mobile pics below, which were taken from the on-set balcony before the audience arrived. Not long after I had the chance to stand on stage while lead actor Josh Franklin (Bobby Child) rehearsed his tap dancing. Once the curtain rose, I sat just out of view of the audience, wearing a headset and chatting with the actors – in full costume – as they entered and exited the stage. It was a thrilling experience that I won’t forget any time soon.

Project: Behind-the-Scenes: Crazy For You
Client: Stratford Festival

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