Behind-The-Scenes: Alice Through the Looking-Glass

One of my first tasks as Digital Media Assistant at the Stratford Festival was editing a series of behind-the-scenes videos to promote the plays opening in the 2014 season. The plays were still in rehearsal, so we had to rely on footage that would showcase the sets, props and wardrobe as they were being created by the artisans.

I set to work editing a behind-the-scenes video for Alice Through the Looking-Glass. The footage included wardrobe fittings with the actors and glimpses into how the sets and props were created by the Carpentry, Paint and Props departments. I chose a snippet of music from the actual production, and finished it using the branding that had been selected for the 2014 season. The end result was representative of the on-stage production – whimsical and lighthearted, with a touch of humour.

Project: Behind-the-Scenes: Alice Through the Looking-Glass
Client: Stratford Festival




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